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Reorganize physical volumes 2019-01-10

A guide to reorganize Linux LVM disks.

Confluence recipe 2018-12-18

Steps to install / upgrade Confluence with the Atlassian bin installer on Linux.

Jira recipe 2018-12-16

Install or upgrade Atlassian Jira with the binary installer on Linux.

Use large files with git-lfs 2018-11-27

Resources and instruction how to use git-lfs.

Use ssh agent on Mac OS 2018-09-11

Configure SSH to use an agent to cache the passphrase from the Mac OS keychain.

Merge 2 Git repositories 2018-09-04

Merge 2 unrelated repositories into one.

Git rebase 2016-03-23

A brief description how to simplyfy Git merge operations.

HA Proxy as a reverse ssh proxy 2015-08-23

Configure haproxy to act as reverse proxy for ssh.

Git for Ubuntu 2014-09-22

How to install a recent Git version on Ubuntu.

Shrink logic volumes 2014-04-08

Use LVM2 to shrink volumes on the fly.

Expand logic volumes 2014-03-23

Use LVM2 to expand volumes on the fly.

Volume layout 2014-03-01

Linux FHS with LVM2

Linux File System 2014-02-22

My implementation of Linux FHS

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